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Hundreds of thousands ferry home across Qiongzhou Straits during spring rush

Updated: 2018-02-09

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The number of passengers traveling through the Qiongzhou Straits by ferries hits 218,000 during the first three days of Spring Festival travel rush this year. [Photo by Zhang Chao/Zhanjiang Daily]

According to the Zhanjiang Maritime Safety Administration, over 70,000 people travelled across the Qiongzhou Straits by ferry daily in the first three days of the Spring Festival travel rush, hitting a total of 218,000.

Meanwhile, passengers that went through local ports were amounted to 58,000. Zhanjiang maritime authorities, seeing the spike in numbers, have taken multiple measures to ensure a smooth traffic flow, including the tightened supervision of hazardous articles and overload prevention.

Xuwen Maritime Office has enhanced safety control on ports, ferries and ro-ro passenger ships through a 24-hour monitoring of the port's operation, such as that of ro-ro passenger ships' docking in and out, loading and unloading of goods, passenger boarding, and on-duty crew.

Xiashan Maritime Office has conducted inspections on waterborne buses and sightseeing cruises in the port areas, with a focus on navigational safety as well as fire-fighting, communication and lifesaving equipment.

As for Suixi Maritime Office, it has attached great importance to ferry safety inspections and a prolific weather reporting of rough and hazardous weather, such as cold waves and strong winds.