Zhanjiang, a pioneer in agricultural modernization

Updated : 2018-01-11

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An aerial shot shows the beautiful scenery of a modern agriculture demonstration park in Huangpo town, Zhanjiang. [Photo by Wu Zhiheng/Zhanjiang Daily]

Zhanjiang has made tremendous progress in adopting state-of-the-art technologies to foster new agricultural enterprises in 2017. Agriculture was chosen as the main target for modernization, as it has been an important part of local economy since ancient times.

An optimal industrial structure is the key to ensure a coordinated and rapid development of agriculture. To achieve this, Zhanjiang have been making steady steps in deepening supply-side structural reform and improving its plantation structure.

Well aware of its climatic characteristics, the city has focused on the cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables, with a batch of large-scale and specialized agricultural production bases cropping up.

The new agricultural operating entities include that of professional farmers, family farms, rural cooperatives and leading industrialized agricultural enterprises. They are now the main force behind the industrialization of local agriculture.

Visitors tour around the intelligent greenhouses at a modern agriculture demonstration zone in Leizhou Peninsula. [Photo by Wu Zhiheng/Zhanjiang Daily]

In 2017, Zhanjiang has sped up the integration of academics, research and other industries with its agricultural sector. It has cooperated with universities and research institutions for the purposes of technical cooperation, personnel training, and on-site guidance, to promote the integration and application of innovative technologies.

Riding on the Internet Plus wave, Zhanjiang has further promoted the informatization of agriculture. By utilizing the mobile app named Nongjibao, now some 45,000 users in Zhanjiang can receive professional guidance from experts with just a few taps on the phone.

Currently, Zhanjiang has three national modern agriculture demonstration zones and 12 provincial modern agricultural demonstration parks in the city, accounting for 25 percent of Guangdong's total.

A dragon fruit plantation base is established in Suixi county under a cooperative agreement between local government and Guangdong Meichen Biotechnology. [Photo by Wu Zhiheng/Zhanjiang Daily]