Zhanjiang aquatic industrial chain adopted in Egypt

Updated : 2017-11-23

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Zhanjiang-based Evergreen Conglomerate is bringing its advanced industrial chain, equipment, technologies and talents to Egypt's Ghalyoun Lake Aquaculture Industrial Park, the biggest fishery industrial park in the Middle East.

After two years' construction, the 1,230-hectare industrial park was put into use in Cairo on Nov 18. Under the partnership of the Egyptian government and Evergreen Conglomerate, it will serve as a comprehensive fishery production base integrating fodder production, fish breeding, refrigeration and processing.

Lacking in advanced technologies, the aquaculture industry in Egypt has developed slowly for a long time. In pursuit of having a scaled fishery production base, local officials got in touch with the Evergreen Conglomerate on the occasion of  the China Marine Economy Expo in 2014.

A $90 million contract was signed between the two sides just one year later, with Evergreen Conglomerate standing out from all enterprises, including those from France, Italy and Norway in the bidding process, said Chen Dan, chairman of Evergreen Conglomerate.

Evergreen Conglomerate and Egyptian staff members pose for pictures. [Photo by Chen Jincong/Zhanjiang Evening Post]

Founded in 1998, Evergreen Conglomerate is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on farming, aquatic product processing and real estate development. With dozens of subsidiaries in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian, it has been listed as one of the top 500 private companies in China.

According to Dr Khaled Khayrat, the project head, the Egyptian government chose the company because it owns a safe, healthy and complete aquatic industrial chain as well as world-leading equipment and technologies.

"The project is to copy Evergreen Conglomerate's industrial chain to Egypt as a whole after scientific planning," Chen said. "It is a major breakthrough for the company in international cooperation and is the first time for a Guangdong aquatic industrial chain to be exported abroad."

From the output of capital and products to an industrial chain, the process witnessed the rise of Chinese enterprises that are bringing their featured products and cutting-edge technologies to the whole world. With this being the first, the model is set to benefit more countries in the future.