Zhanjiang gets top billing at agricultural exhibition

Updated : 2017-11-20

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Zhanjiang's advances in agricultural modernization were showcased at the eighth Guangdong Modern Agricultural Exhibition, which opened in Guangzhou on Nov 14, where more than 100 kinds of agricultural and aquatic products were displayed by 28 local enterprises.

Founded in 2006, the biennial agricultural exhibition has grown into a platform for trading, cooperation and exchanges in agriculture with support given by the Ministry of Agriculture. Due to its wide-reaching influence, five more Zhanjiang enterprises signed up to take part this year.

A wide variety of featured products, ranging from fruity cucumbers to curry leaves and black goat, were on display at the Zhanjiang Pavilion. Among them, 26 agricultural products, including goat, dragon fruit and jack fruit, were selected as Famous Agricultural Products of Guangdong Province during the event.

A wide variety of agricultural products are on display at the eighth Guangdong Modern Agricultural Exhibition. [Photo by Wei Xiaohang/News.cn]

Poverty-alleviation agricultural products from Zhanjiang were displayed at the exhibition for the first time and attracted a lot of interest, with two representative enterprises bringing potatoes, rice, blue crabs, and duck eggs.

Mai Shangde,an agricultural entrepreneur from Zhanjiang, was named 2017 Guangdong Leading Entrepreneur of Agricultural Products E-commerce at the exhibition. Currently, Zhanjiang is home to six provincial e-commerce experience halls, one e-commerce demonstration enterprise and one internet of things demonstration base.