Talks held to push forward rail line construction

Updated : 2017-11-14

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A delegation headed by Zhu Yaozhong, chairman of Guangdong Provincial Railway Construction Investment Group, visited Zhanjiang and held talks with Party secretary Zheng Renhao to push forward construction on the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Passenger-Dedicated Line.

During the meeting, the two parties reached a consensus that the two ends of the Zhanjiang section will be Maoming and Wuchuan. The section will be dotted by Zhanjiang Airport to realize a seamless transfer between land and air transportations. The rail line will run through Haidong New Area to connect with the new Zhanjiang Railway Station.

According to Zheng, the construction of the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Passenger-Dedicated Line not only meets the demand for Zhanjiang to turn itself into a pilot city in Beibu Gulf, but will bring great convenience to local residents. The government will go all-out to assist the company in speeding up the construction.

More high-speed trains are expected to run through Zhanjiang with the launch of Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Passenger-Dedicated Line. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

The Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Passenger-Dedicated Line lists high on the agenda for Guangdong Provincial Railway Construction Investment Group. Once the overall plan has been nailed down, the company will finish the preliminary work as soon as possible to make sure that construction will get underway in 2018, Zhu said.

The east-west rail line, which stretches 421 kilometers, will start at Guangzhou, passing through Foshan, Yunfu, Yangjiang, and Maoming to terminate at Zhanjiang with a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, it will serve as a golden traffic line to link the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beibu Gulf.