Xuwen agricultural industrial park promoted to national level

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2017-11-10

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The Modern Agricultural Industrial Park of Xuwen county, Zhanjiang, has been listed on the second batch of national agricultural industrial parks and will be granted a subsidy of 100 million yuan ($15 million), according to an announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance.

Covering 778 square kilometers, Xuwen Modern Agricultural Industrial Park is located in the mid-east part of the county and has a tropical monsoon climate. Enjoying ample sunshine and rainfall all year round, growing pineapples is the park's pillar industry.

An aerial shot shows Xuwen's Sea of Pineapples. [Photo by Zhou Hairen/News.cn]

The 238,000-mu (15,866 hectares) pineapple fields of the park are spread over Jinhe, Xiayang, Qianshan and Longtang towns, with each taking on different roles and together forming a complete industrial chain. The major planting area lies in Qujie and is constantly expanding.

Farmers pick pineapples at harvest time. [Photo by Zhou Hairen/News.cn]

Both the processing and logistics zones are located in Qujie and Xiaqiao to shorten the distance between production and selling, saving the cost for the enterprises. The technological zone in Longtang, which consists of a research center and new species demonstration area, is used to showcase technological achievements and new products.

Taking advantage of its pineapple fields and advantageous resources, Qujie has built a tourist cluster with iconic scenic spots including Sea of Pineapples, Pineapple-characterized Sightseeing Village, and Leisure City for Educated Youth.

Each of these towns has an entrepreneurship guidance service window in its government building to provide entrepreneurs with one-stop services on understanding policies, raising capital and business registration.

As expected by the two ministries, the park will push forward the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries through a complete industrial chain, while bolstering itself as a pioneer in modern agriculture.

The trade market in Xuwen is filled with vans loaded with pineapples. [Photo by Zhou Hairen/News.cn]