Huangpo town head first in harvest

( Updated : 2017-11-09

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With autumn in the air, farmers from Pingcheng, Meichen and Shangma villages of Huangpo town are putting their backs into making the most of their rice harvests.

Combine harvesters driven by farmers and temporary workers from Jiangsu and Henan provinces are shuttling back and forth between fields.

Commonly known as the "Granary of Wuchuan", Huangpo is endowed with fertile land and plenty of water, and is home to 23,000 mu (1,533 hectares) of paddy fields.

In recent years, local grain output has soared thanks to the country's favorable agricultural policies.

Paddy fields in Huangpo town are ready for their autumn harvest. [Photo by Liang Shuchen/Zhanjiang Daily]