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Silk Road scene carved into tree trunk

Updated: 2017-05-11

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A talented artist from Anpu town, Zhanjiang, is in the process of carving a scene depicting trade along the ancient Silk Road into the body of a tree trunk.

Mo Kangpeng, 22, created the artwork which shows traders leading camels laden with goods through caves on their journey to the west.

Mo Kangpeng from Zhanjiang's Anpu town works on his root carving, inspired by the ancient Silk Road. [Photo by Zhang Fengfeng/Zhanjiang Daily]

The artwork, made from strong camphorwood, is 2.8 meters long and weighs almost half a metric ton.

Mo, who has been carving from the age of 16, comes from a long line of wood carvers who've been practicing their craft in the town for decades.

Combined with his family history and the long history of the town, the subject for his latest creation was clear to Mo.

A camphorwood tree is carved to depict merchants leading camels through caves along the ancient Silk Road. [Photo/Zhanjiang Evening Post]

"I've always been interested in national affairs," Mo said. "So I want to create a work that reflects the exchanges between different cultures in the progress of the Silk Road."

Mo took his time to study the history of the Silk Road before starting his work in December last year, and hopes that it can be finished soon.

Mo Kangpeng, 22, hopes his artwork reflects the social changes and cultural communication between East and West two thousand years ago. [Photo/Zhanjiang Evening Post]

"The work has been outlined, so now I just need to be patient, careful, and get polishing," Mo said.