Mayor pledges to serve Zhanjiang and the people wholeheartedly in speech

Updated: 2017-05-01

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Editor's Note: Mayor Jiang Jianjun made a speech at the closing ceremony of the second meeting of the 14th Zhanjiang Municipal People's Congress on April 28, 2017. The following is a summary of the focal points in his speaking.

Zhanjiang is a promising land for doers and entrepreneurs. Jiang said he has truly felt the huge opportunities that national and provincial policies brought to Zhanjiang, the sincerity, diligence and wisdom of Zhanjiang people, their earnest desire to develop the city, and their positive affirmations and understanding of the government through on-site inspections, visits and investigations, and exchanges with cadres and people at the grassroots level during even the first few weeks of his work in Zhanjiang.

As an underdeveloped region, development is still the top priority for Zhanjiang. Only by accelerating development can the city get rid of the label of underdevelopment, transform advantages into actions, opportunities into results, and people's expectations into reality. Promoting the development of Zhanjiang is a hard-working process of seizing development opportunities and integrating national strategies. Under the leadership of successive municipal Party committee and governments for a long time, and with the great efforts of the cadres and Zhanjiang people, the city has seen a good foundation laid in all sectors. A new Zhanjiang that catches up with the rest of the country is going forward to build a well-to-do society and central city of Beibu Gulf Urban Cluster.

It's necessary to examine the development situation of Zhanjiang with a more open mind and a broader perspective, and solve problems by using more advanced standards and a more innovative mindset. Zhanjiang will be built to represent the strength and image of Guangdong, China's largest economic province with high standards, high initial planning, and high-quality advancement.

Improve people's livelihoods. Jiang said that the government will further improve people's livelihood support mechanisms, facilitate the social and housing security systems, increase investment in education, strengthen the construction of medical and health facilities in urban and rural areas, and speed up the city's upgrading and capacity expansion to make Zhanjiang a more livable city.

Be honest in performing official duties and strict in enforcing government regulations. Only through fair, impartial and clean self-discipline can the government win the trust of the people. The mayor said that the municipal government and himself will strictly abide by the rules of the anti-corruption administration and the eight-point regulation (requirements on how Political Bureau members should improve their work style in eight aspects, focusing on rejecting extravagance and reducing bureaucratic visits, meetings and empty talk), and conduct all aspects of government work with the comprehensive and strict management of the requirements of the Party.