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Zhanjiang salt products win eco-origin protection

Updated: 2017-04-26

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"Hailing" brand sea salt products manufactured in Leizhou Peninsula around Zhanjiang passed review and assessment on April 22 to become a Protected Eco-Origin Product (PEOP), the first of its kind in China.

The honor came after a series of field investigations in mid-April into two manufacturers in Leizhou and Xuwen owned by Guangdong Salting Group.

The coastal city of Zhanjiang houses many saltworks but few of them use primitive processing methods. The two manufacturing bases in Leizhou Peninsula rely on solar and wind energy to vaporize the seawater brought about by tidal movement to the shallows, preserving microelements that the human body needs.

Staff members shoulder sea salt hung on poles at a salt manufacturing base in Zhanjiang. [Photo/yinsha.com]

According to a staff member, the seawater comes from the Beibu Gulf off the west coast of the peninsula, where the surrounding air is rich in anion.

An expert panel examined the processing environment, product quality and recycling technology as well as the brand construction. It was agreed that the salt products protect the environment, save energy, and conform to regulations and technical specifications formulated for PEOP designation.

Since salt management rights were open to the public on Jan 1, wide varieties of salt products have poured into the market. To ensure product quality and promote the industry's development, the Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau provided tailored PEOP application services.

Workers push carts loaded with sea salt in Leizhou Peninsula. [Photo/yinsha.com]

"The protection will lead to new opportunities for Guangdong's salt industry in a wider market," said Lyu Yongzhong, chairman of the board of Guangdong Salting Group.

The PEOP label is designed to assist food products in their fight against illicit trade as well as to protect the environment and traditional practices.