Binhu Park becomes spring leisure hotspot

Updated : 2017-04-01

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Binhu Park, Zhanjiang's largest wetland park, is one of spring's hottest tourist attractions thanks to a recent series of reconstruction, facility upgrades and the new addition of the city's longest greenway.

The park, near the Jinsha Bay Seaview Corridor in the Chikan district, reopened earlier this year. A 12.5-kilometer green path was built around the park. Recreational facilities, such as artificial beaches and observation towers were also constructed, to make citizens more comfortable.

The park has become an ideal place for leisure, exercise and fun activities for all ages.

A third phase of landscape construction has begun, according to engineers. When finished, more than 300,000 square meters of wetlands will be added to the west of park, with more planks, bridges and aquatic plants.

Binhua Park, Zhanjiang's largest wetland park, received a series of construction upgrades last year. [Photo by Li Zhong, Wu Zhiheng/]

Young men cycle on the park's new greenway. [Photo by Li Zhong, Wu Zhiheng/]

A grandfather takes a photo of his grandson in Binhu Park. [Photo by Li Zhong, Wu Zhiheng/]