A Zhanjiang-made luxury yacht came off the slipway at the city's port on Nov 8, as it awaited the arrival of its Russian buyer.


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Zhanjiang-made luxury yachts cruise world oceans

Updated: 2016-11-10

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A Zhanjiang-made luxury yacht came off the slipway at the city's port on Nov 8, as it awaited the arrival of its Russian buyer.

The 80-foot-long, steel-hulled vessel, built by Xinlong Shipbuilders, sat proudly bobbing in the water, before its test run. The yacht is indicative of Zhanjiang's boat building industry which has been travelling full steam ahead in recent years.

Zhanjiang's Xinlong Shipbuilding custom-built the steel-hulled yacht, Veda, for its Russian client. [Photo/new.gdzjdaily.com.cn]

Project manager for the construction of the luxury boat, Yu Yuqiu, said that he has witnessed first-hand the rise and development in China's yacht building industry since the 1980s.

Huang Ailong, technical director of the project, said that their customers have high standards. "Wealthy Russians love personalized luxury yachts and set high demand on the workmanship," Huang said. "Our yachts are favored by them now, which means that Zhanjiang has reached an international level in yacht manufacturing."

As well as featuring stunning looks and the latest mod-cons, the yacht, named Veda, also runs extremely quietly, with measurements of below 60 decibels taken from all cabins. This is due in part to the more than 20 patents the yacht acquired during construction.

Taking 18 months to complete, construction involved experienced engineers in all processes such as technical drawing and design, equipment installation and decoration.

The dining hall and living room aboard Veda is finished in wood. [Photo/new.gdzjdaily.com.cn]

Xinlong has seen a growth in orders in recent times, and is China's only developer capable of making yachts made of fiberglass, reinforced plastics, or steel. So far, 13 of its vessels have entered the foreign market including Russia, the US and Australia, receiving more orders than any other domestic competitors.

This hasn't happened without government support. Provincial polices on promoting tourism investment and consumption issued in May 2016 included yacht docking and berth-related infrastructure. Zhanjiang is planned to become a yacht-driven tourism demonstration base which can take advantage of lucrative incentives granted from by provincial and central governments.

The well-decorated kitchen aboard the Xinlong-built yacht, Veda, features all the latest mod-cons. [Photo/new.gdzjdaily.com.cn]