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Nansan Island listed as one of China's most beautiful

Updated: 2016-06-28

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Zhanjiang's Nansan Island has made it onto China's top 10 most beautiful islands list, according to the Pingtan International Forum on Island Conservation and Development, held in Fujian province on June 25.

The list was announced by Zhang Hongsheng, the deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration during the forum. The other winners include Dongsha Island in Fujian province, Weizhou Island in Guangxi, Liugong Island in Shandong, Puti Island in Hebei, Juehua Island in Liaoning, Liandao Island in Jiangsu, Nanjilie Island in Zhejiang and Hailing Island in Guangdong.

Nansan Island, made up of 10 smaller islands, covers 123.4 square kilometers in area, with a coastline of 83 kilometers. Located to the southeast of Zhanjiang, it's only 2 km away from the urban area. Known as "Luzhou Island" in ancient China, it faces the South China Sea to the east, Zhanjiang Harbor to the west, Guangzhouwan Channel to the south, and Nansan River to the north.

The unique landscape of the area lures visitors from across the globe every year.

A bird's-eye view of aquaculture on Nansan Island. [Photo by Lang Shuchen and Chen Yu / gdzhdaily.com.cn]

A distant view of the Nansan Bridge, the product of an investment between nine successful entrepreneurs who grew up on the island. [Photo by Lang Shuchen and Chen Yu / gdzhdaily.com.cn]

Wetlands on the low-lying Nansan Island. [Photo by Lang Shuchen / gdzhdaily.com.cn]

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