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Young entrepreneurs promote 'taste of hometown' online

By Xu Lili Updated: 2015-06-15

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Wang went out at 6 am and returned home around 2 or 3 am for many days. His parents were worried about him and didn't know what he was doing until he told them several days ago.

Other team members include Qi Guanlong, who does graphic design, and Jie Yingpeng and Huang Renjian, who are responsible for background operation system. They are all Zhanjiang natives.

"Since our business is in the early stage, we often work day and night together. It is very common for us to work until 2 or 3 am in the morning," said Jie Yingpeng.

Besides team members, they also collaborated with about 80 local young entrepreneurs and helped each other to flourish the business.

"For example, if I do e-commerce and he produces farm products, we can cooperate with each other. We are building a business eco-system with more and more participants," said Huang Xiaolong.

Besides lychees, the team also sell other kinds of local goods online including oranges, taros, sweet potatoes, pickles and even chicken. Not long ago, they reached a cooperation agreement with a local tea brand.

"I want more people to have a taste of my hometown specialties through e-commerce platform," said Huang.

Team members are confident about their future. [Photo by Li Zhong/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

The team have a bigger dream. That is to collect and sell specialties of each pivot cities in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Zhanjiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing has raised 10 million yuan startup capital for the team.

"Once we get the finance, we will build a platform to sell agricultural and byproduct specialties of cities along the Belt and Road trading routes to other cities and regions in China and even overseas," Huang pointed out.

He also said that after the first round of financing, the team will optimize the online platform, attract more team members and expand the scope of the city distribution network.

Their ambition is to develop the e-commerce platform into the most influential one in Zhanjiang, establishing a logistics team for city distribution and building a logistics distribution center.

Edited by Mevlut Katik

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