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Bird protector turns farmland into 'paradise' for migrant birds

By Xu Lili Updated: 2015-04-28

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Liang Yiyuan, a voluntary bird protector, contracted a 4-hectare farmland in Anpu town, Lianjiang county, Zhanjiang city, in 2009 to build a habitat for migrant birds.

His efforts over the past six years has resulted in a bird sanctuary, which is now hailed as "Peach Blossom Island".

He planted seedlings of peach blossoms and couch grass on the island, set up platform bird feeders and bought food for birds.

Liang takes care of an injured bird. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

The island was divided into several areas. The fruit tree area and couch grass area, where birds rest, are secluded zones with no visitor entry being allowed. The "migrant bird hospital" is where injured birds receive treatment.

Meanwhile, the construction of a house to display migrant bird culture and three artificial lakes are still under way.

Liang has spent much time and money on the island with financial help from his brother.

Liang explains his future plans for the island. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

At the beginning, many people did not understand what he was trying to achieve and looked down on him. But gradually, more and more migrant birds settled down on the island and surrounding areas as illegal bird-catching came to an end thanks to his constant efforts.

That was the time when local residents started realizing what Liang was doing, inspiring them to extend a helping hand to him.

Migrant birds find their natural habitat on the island. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

Local government also gave him full support and spoke highly of his contributions to bird and environment protection.

Liang is particularly fond of the name "Peach Blossom Island". He said he will build the island into a paradise for migrant birds.

Edited by Mevlut Katik