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Zhanjiang government work report for 2015

Updated: 2015-03-05

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Second, we should step up efforts in land and sea overall planning to beef up the marine industry

We have to make full use of marine resources, implement the port-led strategy to boost local economic development, and carry out Zhang Dejiang's instruction on speeding up port construction in Zhanjiang. We should vigorously develop the harbor industry, optimize port services, develop port clusters, expand port radiation scope, make overall plans for land and sea, and speed up the rise of the marine economy.

Third, we should work harder on urban and rural overall planning to advance new urbanization

We have to make allowance for the large population of the city in promoting urban and rural overall planning, pay attention to city and town development, and promote equal access to basic public services to narrow down gaps between urban and rural areas and realize coordinated development.

Fourth, more efforts should go to promote innovation-driven development

We need to use innovation to power development. The resources and environment constraints bring pressure on development and require us not to depend solely on factor inputs. The modern harbor industries, represented by the steel base, bring us opportunities and require us to create an open international environment for innovation. Tens of hundreds of entrepreneurs require us to speed up forging an innovation platform. We must focus on innovation; make overall plans to boost technology, products, market and management innovation; and strive to make innovation a new engine to drive development.

Fifth, we should step up efforts on ecological civilization to push forward people-oriented urban transformation

We should aim to develop Zhanjiang into an ecological gulf city and realize smooth traffic, comfortable pedestrian lanes and circular material utilization. We should apply the idea of “Sponge City”, “Sustainable City” and “Footprint City” in planning, building and managing Zhanjiang; boost urban transformation; push for industrial adjustment; and realize industry and city integration and upgraded development.

Sixth, more efforts should be put on ensuring and improving people's livelihood

We should insist on harmonious development and help low-income people improve their life through their own efforts. We should stick to the principle of focusing on employment while giving priority to entrepreneurship to improve the employment security service system; make full use of business incubators; and create a relaxed and inclusive environment to stimulate enthusiasm in starting up businesses and increase employment opportunities. We should deepen income distribution system reform, perfect the salary system, and increase the income of urban and rural residents. We should carry out reviews of minimum living support application at counties (cities), push for equal access to essential services and support for migrant workers, and weave a more solid and precise social safety net. We should implement a linkage mechanism between rising goods price and minimum living subsidies to effectively ensure the basic life of those in need. We should reform the endowment insurance system at public institutions, push for all employees to opt into social insurance, enforce the paid vacation system and encourage segmented vacation.

We should improve medical insurance in Zhanjiang, extend basic medical insurance to both critical and minor illnesses, cover six child diseases including acute leukemia in the major disease protection scope for urban and rural children, boost overall planning of medical insurance in outpatient services in urban and rural areas, and raise urban and rural medical insurance reimbursement rate to 70 percent in second-class hospitals. We should implement the temporary assistance system, pay special attention to poverty alleviation, and help 250 villages and 164,000 poor people get out of poverty.

Seventh, we should make more efforts to promote the rule of law and speed up the construction of the government of law

The rule of law concerns the shaping of government image and should be the focus in administration. Governments at all levels should firmly establish the idea of law-based administration, improve scientific decision-making level, adhere to impartial law enforcement, make government affairs public, and carry out work and boost development in accordance with the law.

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