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Zhanjiang government work report for 2015

Updated: 2015-03-05

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                                          2015 work deployment

This year’s government work calls for in-depth implementation of the spirit of the third and fourth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the 18th National Congress, and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches. All parties are required to carefully carry out the strategy of revitalizing eastern, western and northern Guangdong; give priority to development; adapt to new economic development conditions; make overall planning of land and sea, as well as rural and urban areas; and push for innovation-driven development. Efforts should be made to transform Zhanjiang into a sponge, circular and footprint city; carry out reform and opening-up, ecological development and public livelihood improvement; and finish the economic and social development tasks during the 2011-2015 period.

Zhanjiang will strive to achieve 10-percent growth in GDP, 8-percent growth in per capita GDP, 12.5-percent growth in industrial added value, 16-percent growth in fixed asset investment, 13-percent growth in total retail sales of social consumer goods, 10-percent growth in port throughput, 8-percent growth in total foreign trade value, 10-percent growth in general public budget revenue, and 8-percent growth in per capita disposable income. The urban registered unemployment rate will be contained around 3 percent, consumer price inflation will be kept at around 3 percent, and energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP will be brought down by 2.9 percent.

It’s important to be fully aware of the fact that China has entered into a new economic development phase that asks for structural optimization and deceleration. We should clearly see the new situation and requirements facing Zhanjiang’s development in the new phase and adapt to it to realize new development. We face new challenges and need to avoid dual risks from huge investments on major projects and various social conflicts. We need to catch up on development while protecting ecology and realize transformation of urban development and industrial structure. We have seen new opportunities. The new technology, business and power will offer more new space. The Zhanjiang steel base and booming port industries will help boost new industrialization. The distinctive cities and towns have taken shape, which will promote the development of new urbanization. The expansion of Zhanjiang Port, represented by the construction of the bonded logistics center, will help Zhanjiang fully merge into China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy. We will focus on accelerating development, making overall land and sea planning to scientifically utilize marine resources, and speeding up port cluster construction. We will pay more attention to the overall planning of urban and rural areas as well as comprehensively promote equal access to basic public services. We will focus on innovation to power Zhanjiang’s development. Development will remain a top priority in the new phase. Zhanjiang is underdeveloped. We must maintain reasonably fast development speed while ensuring development quality and protecting ecological environment. We will also take the lead in developing a well-off society.

We should focus on the following work to adapt to the new development phase and realize new achievements.

First, we need to step up efforts in reform and opening-up to release development vitality

We should fully deepen reform to stimulate vitality; focus on government-market relations; and break the unreasonable system that constrains public participation, market vitality and social creativity. We should transform government functions; establish the governmental rights and liabilities lists, as well as negative lists; clarify office authority and responsibilities; strictly prohibit power endowment beyond the law; and streamline government to increase market vitality. We should deepen administrative approval system reform, continue to cancel or devolve matters in administrative proceedings, improve the commercial registration system, strengthen supervision and perfect the administrative management system in towns (streets). We should promote public institution reform; complete government vehicle use reform; improve the full-caliber budget system; transform the State-owned assets supervision model; deepen State-owned enterprise reform; develop a mixed ownership economy; deepen price reform; strengthen price supervision; continue to boost reform of sea area use rights; deepen cooperation between banks and government, as well as banks and enterprises; introduce more financial institutions; perfect the local financial service system; develop capital markets; increase the proportion of direct financing; promote the reform of rural credit cooperatives; strive to transform Leizhou rural credit cooperatives into rural commercial banks; boost the healthy development of the financing assurance industry; make good use of capital pools for the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises; and divert more financial resources to rural areas, agriculture and peasants, as well as medium, small and micro-sized enterprises and the entity economy.

We should build the "New Silk Road" and take opportunities to promote Zhanjiang as a pivot city in China’s “One Belt and One Road” marine cooperation strategy. We should formulate an urban construction plan, deepen pragmatic cooperation, expand opening to the outside world, and strive to build an open economy. We should continue to host the China Ocean Economy Expo; expand economic, trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation with the ASEAN and other countries and regions along the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road"; open up more international container liner routes; support Indonesian sisal hemp and Sri Lanka’s sugarcane projects; and open up petty trade sites towards Taiwan in Leizhou’s Wushi and goods stock inspection sites in Wuchuan. We should take the initiative to promote economic integration between Guangdong and Guangxi; participate in city cluster integration in the Beibu Gulf; advance coordinated development of ports in the Beibu Gulf; build the Beibu Gulf economic cooperation zone; and join regional cooperation with Maoyang, the Pearl River Delta, Qingdao and the southwestern part of China. We should expand cross-border e-commerce; consolidate Europe and US markets; open up emerging markets in BRICs; cultivate new growth points in foreign trade; improve the government affairs center and other port inspection facilities; promote one-time declaration, inspection and clearance; speed up the regional clearance integration; and upgrade customs clearance facilitation.

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