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Gulf and island

Updated: 2014-12-24

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Zhanjiang is the only ecological gulf city in China. It has 104 islands, including 12 islands with residents. Donghai, Nansan, Naozhou, Techeng and Nanping islands are major islands relatively large in size. They all sit in the waters surrounding the downtown area, forming a natural barrier. The urban plan focused on Potou town’s Haidong new district. Zhanjiang and Leizhou ports will also help build a sparkling offshore Zhanjiang.

Donghai Island is Guangdong’s largest island and China’s fifth largest. It sits in the south of Zhanjiang and is close to Zhanjiang Port in the north. The island covers an area of 289.49 square kilometers and has a 126-kilometer coastline and 6.5-kilometer deep-water shoreline ranging from 26 meters to 40 meters in depth.

Nansan Island is the second biggest of islands in Guangdong and sits in the east of Zhanjiang’s downtown area. It faces Donghai Island across the sea and covers an area of 123.4 square kilometers. The island enjoys blue sky, clear water, white sands and lush trees. It is also an ideal choice for sightseeing and leisure.

Naozhou Island is the third largest island in Zhanjiang and sits approximately 40 kilometers to the southeast of the downtown area. It covers an area of 49.89 square kilometers and is the southernmost island outside Zhanjiang Port, making it the first natural barrier, an important entrance of the city and a famous fishing area in Guangdong.

Techeng Island sits 5 kilometers southeast to Xiashan district and covers an area of 3.6 square kilometers. The island has a good sand beach along its coastal area as well as a magnificent mangrove forest. It is a red tourism facility in Guangdong and a national marine park.

Nanping Island is also called Paisha Island and sits across Donghai Island’s port in the southeast. It faces Naozhou Island in the east and the sea in the south. The island covers an area of 13 square kilometers. It runs 6.5 kilometers from east to west and 2 kilometers from south to north. The blue seawater, clean sand beach, radiant and enchanting sunshine and charming sea world all add to the charm of the island, which is practically in a primitive state.