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Traditional villages

Updated: 2014-12-24

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Leizhou city of Zhanjiang has been named a national historic city as Leizhou Peninsula enjoys a long history and is home to many traditional villages. The local government is stepping up efforts on protection of these traditional villages, with eight of them under State protection.

A total of 17 villages have applied for the traditional village status, and protection plans are in the pipeline. Historic villages are on the verge of extinction for many reasons. Only a few ancient villages have been renovated, while the rest remain uncared for. The traditional village’s ancient dwellings and architectures are mostly of post and panel structures, and have suffered from lightning strikes, flood, fire and termite disasters.

They have been reduced to ruins or hazardous buildings after being neglected, damaged and eroded for a century. Many ancient dwellings were out of service and subjected to rainwater for a long time. The villages are mostly in remote areas and difficult to access from outside. They suffer from cramped streets, obsolete infrastructure and slack management, which have led to a deteriorating surrounding environment, severely damaged original ecology and an impaired appearance.