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Application and Approval Procedures for Foreign Invested Enterprises

Updated: 2014-12-24

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Project negotiation

Company name verification (by Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau on registration place)

Chinese investors (Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises), Sino-foreign joint ventures or foreign investors( foreign funded enterprises) send to the local or municipal foreign trade departments the application for registering the project, together with feasibility study report, contracts (except for foreign funded enterprises),company chapter and other documents required by the foreign trade departments.

Get the approval document from local foreign trade departments.

Registration (the local Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau)

Establish corporation

Make corporate seal (local Public Security Bureau)

Apply for corporate code (municipal Technical Supervision Bureau )

Foreign Exchange Registration Open Bank Account Tax Registration Customs Registration Financial Registration Labor Application Inspection Application Animal & Plants Quarantine Insurance Entry & Exit Formalities

I. The above chart shows the general procedures for establishing a foreign invested enterprise.

II. To establish enterprises on infrastructure, or in the mining industry, restricted items from foreign investors need the approval of the Development and Reform Department.

III. Detailed requirements on the establishment of foreign-founded enterprises and procedures of application are accessible directly from the departments concerned.