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One-day tour to Wuchuan, Potou district

Updated: 2014-12-17

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The Wuchuan Jizhao Bay Holiday Resort

After lunch, tourists can experience the unique charcoal culture, the charcoal kiln-based health therapy, the charcoal-based beauty therapy, or buy various kinds of charcoal products. After that, we go to Wuchuan City, the hometown of many historical celebrities and many folk arts (it is about a one-hour drive). While there, we'll visit Haling Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Zhanjiang (staying there for about 1 hour; and an extra 10 yuan is charged for admission fee of the Culture Building). There is a big lotus pond in the village, where there are blossoming lotuses in the summer. There is a winding bridge floating on the water. Willow trees and thick bamboos growing between the willows surround the lotus pond - what a beautiful idyllic picture!

After that, we'll head to the Wuchuan Jizhao Bay Holiday Resort, a popular tourist destination (staying there for about 2 hours). The coastal resort highlights subtropical scenery and boasts clear seawater, clean and soft sands, beautiful shells and colorful pebbles, and gentle waves.

Then we return to downtown Zhanjiang, and that is the end of the trip.

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