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The Golden Sand Bay Sea Watching Veranda

Updated: 2014-12-16

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Zhanjiang is a bay-based city and it is no doubt that the Golden Sand Bay Sea Watching Veranda is the most beautiful point of the city. Located in the eastern section of the Sand Bay in Chikan District, it stretches for 2.65 kilometers.

The Veranda is made up of an eastward cultural landscape displaying area, beach and water-based parent-kid amusement area, central square, and eco-tour area. It boasts enticing elements of a tropical coast such as blue skies, white clouds, green trees, beautiful flowers, blue sea and fine grains of sand. Moreover, it is the best place from which people can have a close look at the Haiwan Bridge.

In the swimming area, groups of young people are swimming and having fun. The Tiaoshun Grass-Dragon Dancers are doing a performance along the coast. On the beach, some adults and their kids are treading on the soft fine grains of sand, some are strolling, some are chasing each other, some are playing games, some are flying kites, some are creating sand sculptures, and others are playing beach football. All are having fun.

When the evening lights are lit, the fishing boats set out to the sea, giving the impression that the night view of the veranda is more beautiful than the blue sea view during the day. The yachts anchored in the docks near the veranda, together with the high-rises and street lamps in the distance, give the impression of modernism and luxuriousness.

Address: Chikan district, Zhanjiang city

How to Get There: Take Bus No 38/No 43/No 805/No 809 and get off at the Jinshawan Guanhaichanglang Stop.