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The Yangtao Valley Eco-Tourism Scenic Area

Updated: 2014-12-16

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The Yangtao Valley is located in the east of Hechun township in Lianjiang city. It covers a total area of 12 square kilometers and of that 11,000 mu (733.34 hectares) grows fruit, which includes red carambola, Clausena lansium, guava, lychee, longan, red orange, mango, Artocarpus heterophyllus, papaya, red bayberry, banana and sugar cane.

The Yangtao Valley enjoys a superior ecological environment, the fruit produced here are of very high quality. The red carambola has been graded A-level Green Food by the authority.

The Yangtao Valley grows more than 100 kinds of fruit. The valley features high mountains, green forests, clear streams, small bridges, carambolas and singing birds, which altogether make up the most charming landscape. A popular saying goes like this "In Xinjiang you can find the grape valley, and in Lianjiang you can find the carambola valley".

Yangtao Valley is famous for its idyllic scenery, simplicity and honesty of the local people. The sweet fruits have attracted lots of tourists.

The tasty and juicy red carambola are available from August to May, which means people can enjoy the delicious fruit for most of the year.

Address: Hechun township, Lianjiang city, Zhanjiang

Tel: 13702685882, 15812331615