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The Sea of Pineapples

Updated: 2014-12-16

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Pronounced in Chinese as "the Baltic Sea", "the Sea of Pineapples" refers not to the Baltic Sea in Europe but the vast pineapple plantations in Xuwen county.

On the hills in the eastern region of Xuwen county, the pineapple plantations stretch as far as the eye can see, therefore the region has won the name of "the Sea of Pineapples" in China.

Currently China produces about 100 tons of pineapple annually, more than one third of which (34 tons) are produced here in Xuwen. The pineapple plantations cover a total area of 250,000 mu (16,700 hectares) making Xuwen County the largest producer of pineapples in China.

The Sea of Pineapples is known for its beautiful countryside, skyline, orchards, as well as its fruits and vegetables. In the Sea of Pineapples you can see the rolling hills rise and fall elegantly and the colorful fields throughout the year.

Villages are scattered here and there, which creates a uniquely charming picture of tropical rural landscape together with the hills, fields, and the huge white windmills. In the Sea of Pineapples, you can see the blue sky, the gently rotating windmills and the zigzagging red paths. Wandering in such a beautiful scene, you will get a glimpse of true happiness each time you look into the distance or take a deep breath.

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