Zhanjiang Municipal Government Organs

Updated : 2018-06-12

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Zhanjiang Development and Reform Bureau

The Economic and Information Bureau of Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang Education Bureau

Zhanjiang Science and Technology Bureau

Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau

Bureau of Civil Affairs of Zhanjiang City

Zhanjiang Municipal Justice Bureau

Zhanjiang Finance Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources

Zhanjiang Environmental Protection Bureau

Zhanjiang Administration of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Zhanjiang Transportation Bureau

Zhanjiang Water Resources Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Agriculture

Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Zhanjiang Culture, Broadcasting News, and Publishing Agency

Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Health and Family Planning

Zhanjiang Audit Bureau

Zhanjiang Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs

Zhanjiang Sports Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Statistics Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Prices Bureau

Forestry Bureau of Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang Ocean and Fisheries Bureau

Zhanjiang Administration of Work Safety

Zhanjiang Tourism Administration

Zhanjiang Legislative Affairs Bureau

Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement

Zhanjiang Food and Drug Administration